The 4-Scale Cylinder Fill Platform takes the place of the conventional and more expensive concrete dock.  One platform allows a single operator to safely fill four cylinders simultaneously and works for all size cylinders up to 100#.

The platform is designed and built to match the height of the end-users flatbed trucks making loading and unloading of cylinders efficient and convenient.  Roof structures can be added and the back and sides may be partially enclosed.  Submit your custom requirements and we’ll build a platform that meets your specific needs.



  • Equipped with (4) four Fairbanks Scale Stations
  • Heavy Duty Steel Platform with Tread Plate Floor
  • Pre-Piped and easily connected to supply piping from pump
  • OSHA Compliant Stairway and Rail Systems
  • Durable Powder Coated Finish
  • Fully Assembled

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For high-volume operations, simply combine two Cylinder Fill Platforms to enable simultaneous filling of up to eight cylinders at a time while loading two flatbeds.

(2) Cylinder Fill Platforms capable of filling 8 cylinders at a time


High Volume Cylinder Fill

When paired with our Pump Skid, the system will fill four 33# forklift cylinders per minute on a single platform. Using two platforms and two operators, the system will fill eight forklift cylinders per minute.

Dual Pump Skid






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