Mike and Cooper edited
Cooper and Mike

To understand Alliance Truck and Tank, you first need to know a little bit about company founder Mike Svoboda.  Svoboda has over 28 years of experience in the propane industry.  During that span, he served for 15 years as General Manager for Cenex and five years in sales and business development with Northwest Fuel Systems.   In 2004 and while still at Northwest Fuel, Svoboda and partner Jerry Klaudt founded Speedy Propane Inc., a propane tank delivery business.  During the same time, the two also marketed propane safety meetings and resource materials under the name of Technical Processing Inc.  In 2007, Svoboda founded Alliance Truck and Tank, LLC and became a Managing Partner with Axmen Propane, a retail propane business.  Today, Svoboda continues to run Axmen Propane while directing strategy, partnerships, business development, sales and marketing efforts at Alliance Truck and Tank in Missoula, Montana.

Missoula, Montana
Missoula, Montana

Svoboda’s extensive background in the propane industry gives him the unique ability to share insights, discuss strategies, and otherwise inform Alliance Truck and Tank customers from a perspective of someone who has been and still is in their shoes.

Alliance Truck and Tank initially marketed domestic tanks, custom delivery trucks and used equipment to propane and refined fuel retailers.  More recently, and in response to increased demand for LPG and NGL storage in the retail propane and oil/gas industries, bulk storage options including Skid Packages, Porta Pak’s, and Transport Trailers were added to the product line.

Today, Alliance Truck and Tank offers both used and new equipment including a full line of best-in-class products and services via partnerships with key U.S. manufacturers – partnerships that have been years in the making.

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