New Propane bobtail for sale
Alliance M2 Freightliner Bobtail

Alliance has new LPG Bobtail Trucks for sale.  These are solid work trucks at a price you can afford. Designed with performance, quality and affordability in mind.  Our new models comewith everything you need to get the job done right.  We can either use our experience to design your bobtail or tell us what you need and we will build a truck to your specifications.


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2023 Freightliner Standard Build

New Freightliner propane delivery truck for sale






NEW 330 HP MODEL Standard Features

Barrel –

D3200- 84” 3,200-Gal tank with 16” Manway

Aluminum Deck –

Diamond Plate aluminum open deck and fenders attached to vessel, truck light lighting system with sealed lamps.

Bobtail Specs –
3” Fisher flanged mounted internal valve, 3” Corken Z3200 truck pump
MA7 meter with LCR IQ register head, 2 stage preset, printer in cab
150’ of 1” Parker hose with pressed ends w/ quick acting valve, hose end swivel
Hannay polished aluminum liquid hose reel, with full circle swivel
MEC Glow float gauge.
18x18x36 aluminum tool box
Back up camera W/ 7” display screen
Meter cabinet with inside light
2 back of cab lights, high light bar turn/stop with LED bar
PTO driveline, hangers and safety brackets
Base Five function remote shutdown Estop, PTO, Throttle, reel out and meter read out
Rear tow hooks, locking chain hanger
Enamel paint – White tank black frame
3” spray fill- 3”x 2” back check, 2” globe valve, 3-1/4” acme adapter and cap
1-1/4” vapor- 1-1/4” Internal valve, 1-1/4 globe valve, 1-3/4 acme and cap
2” pump bypass line, 1 1/4” meter discharge line, 2” self-load
All pipe welded where possible with Parker flex connectors
Relief valves, fittings, chock blocks, air-controlled emergency shut down
20# Fire extinguisher
Customer and DOT decals

Hydro/VK and calibrated

Chassis Specs –
2023 Freightliner M2 Cummins ISL, 330HP, Allison RDS 3500, 33K GVW, Exhaust brake, Locking differential, Aluminum wheels, Visor, Chrome package

2023 Freightliner M2 bobtail for sale
New Freightliner LP bobtail for sale


In addition to chassis type, engine and transmission, tank size, and deck finish, choose from these and other options to get a custom propane delivery truck that is perfect for your specific needs:

  • Fisher and Rego Valves
  • Corken and Blackmer Pumps
  • Neptune and Liquid Controls Meters
  • Various Register choices with In-Cab Printer
  • Multi-Function Remote Shutdown Systems
  • Liquid and Vapor Delivery Hoses
  • Weatherproof wiring harness
  • Single and Twin Hose Reels
  • Three Tool Box Sizes
  • Cab and Tank Paint


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