Propane Dispensers

1000 gallon propane dispenser bottle filler

Propane dispenser systems can be used for Cylinder Filling, AutoGas or other propane refueling needs.  All dispensers include pre-plumbed assembly connecting pump  and meter on base with all valves and an explosion-proof on/off switch assembly. Standard configuration has outlet for cylinder filling (CFH) before the meter and motor fueling outlet (MFH) after the meter.  All dispenser cabinets include a pull-away hose assembly & RegO pull-away valve.


Dispenser Ordering:Propane autogas dispenser

  1. Select Cabinet Style and Pump
  2. Select Delivery Hose Assembly & Accessories
  3. Select Tank-to-Pump Piping Kit and Remote Shutoff
  4. Select Other Options & Accessories


  • Corken or Blackmer Pump
  • Cabinet Styles:  Diamond Plate, Galvanized, or No Cabinet.  Single Door, Double Door
  • CFH Hose Assembly in Standard or Long
  • MFH Hose Assembly in Standard, Economy, GasGuard, Euro
  • Delivery Hose Accessories:  Hose Retractor, Holster, Adapters, Nozzles
  • Cable Operated or Pneumatic Remote Shutoff Operators
  • Other Accessories:  Purge Kit, Conduit Kit, Fuel Filtration, Scale

500 gallon and 1000 gallon horizontal units are most popular, but other sizes are available.  Ask about our Vertical Tank Dispenser packages with four tank sizes up to 1999 gallons.


Propane dispensing system with a skidDispensing System with Skid:

  • Package consists of 51” Diamond Plate Cabinet, Pump, All Plumbing for Pump/Bypass/Vapor/Purge/Electrical.
  • Also includes Cable Actuation and Skid Assembly with or without Tank.
  • Tank Sizes:  500 gallon or 1000 gallon AG.
  • Options include 1124 Fairbanks Scale, Cylinder Filling and Motor Fuel Hose Assemblies.


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