Porta Paks

18,000 gallon porta pak for sale
18,000 Gallon Porta Pak

Need a portable storage system that can stand up to the tough conditions and rigorous construction standards of oil fields? A Porta Pak offers the solution you’re looking for. These mobile storage systems offer both LPG and NGL storage location flexibility.  We like to call them Storage on Wheels.

A Porta Pak offers the ultimate in portable bulk storage. It includes an 18,000 gallon, 250psi ASME compliant, National Board certified propane storage vessel, detachable air ride chassis, single or dual-side bulkhead, break-away couplings, stubbed liquid and vapor outlets, emergency shutdown, dual-axle tire system and a king pin that enables hook-up to any standard heavy duty tractor.  Furthermore, the distinctive Porta Pak design takes into account transportation expenses and qualifies as a legal load.

All units are fully valved, leak tested and finish painted at the factory.

18,000 gallon portable propane storage


  • Storage mobility, change locations with ease
  • Turnkey = fast time to production
  • Access remote locations
  • Ease of installation

If you need mobile propane storage for your remote asphalt plant or retail bulk plant that is rugged enough to handle the punishing conditions of an oil field, the Porta Pak is the one for you.  View our Porta Pak spec sheet for more information.

View the Porta Pak Spec


Want to add a pump or something else?  No problem.  We can either use our experience to design your portable storage solution or give us your specifications and we will customize the build to fit your needs.


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