Domestic Tanks

Proudly selling Quality Steel tanks for over 20 years!  We offer ASME domestic propane tanks manufactured by Quality Steel Corporation (QSC). Tanks can range in size from 120-1,000 gallons and are built for both above and underground applications.

What’s unique about QSC tanks?

  • Warranty a 5-year warranty on above ground product is the best in the industry
  • Delivery lead times consistently better than other companies – inventory means you don’t wait
  • Technology capital reinvestment + continuous improvement = the best tanks available
  • Rego Valves come standard on all tanks.  No need to ask, no need to worry

Quality Steel takes great pride in making sure that they are using only the finest materials and that is why you will only find U.S.A. made in everything that they produce. Thanks for supporting U.S.A. made manufacturers.



Tank Types

 Aboveground Tanks

AG tank imageAboveground (AG) tanks are set according to local laws and regulations on the ground near your home/office and away from any sources of ignition. They are usually painted white, aluminum, or some other light reflecting color for safety reasons. AG tanks are ideal for consumers in mountainous areas, where burial is not possible, and those with a satisfactory place in their yard for installation. These tanks are more accessible by your propane dealer for filling and maintenance.


Underground Tanks

UG tank imageUnderground (UG) tanks are designed to be buried in the ground and are completely out of sight except for the dome covering the valves for servicing the tank.  A tough chemical and water resistant coating is applied at the factory. This factory-applied coating is designed to be the final coating for the tank prior to its burial in the ground.  QSC UG tanks are also provided with an anode bracket that your dealer can use to provide additional anode protection against corrosion.

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