Power Supply: 3-Phase vs Single-Phase

Our standard skid unit comes with a 10 horsepower, 3-phase electric motor.  However, many of our agricultural customers and other bulk LPG storage customers in rural areas have access to only single-phase power.  So naturally, we often get asked how someone with single-phase supply can use one of our skids.

Here are two options we usually suggest for someone with single-phase supply.

Option 1 – We can build a skid unit with a 7.5 horsepower, single-phase electric motor.  It has to be an explosion proof motor, that’s why 7.5 horsepower.  The 7.5 horse motor is paired up with a 2-inch pump which results in slower fill rates (approx 70gpm) – about half as fast as the 3-inch pump, 10 horse motor (approx 170gpm).

Option 2 – You can have an electrician on your end install an inverter that will convert single-phase supply to power the 3-phase motor.  We’ve been quoted about $5000 for parts and electrician for the inverter install. The inverter adds to project costs, but you’ll get about 2x faster fill rates using the bigger motor and pump.

Other Resources:    Wikipedia Definitions , Electrical Engineering Portal

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